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Any person who has an interest in the live steam hobby in any of its branches, or an allied field, or who otherwise may be interested in furthering the club’s purposes, partaking in its fellowships, and sharing the work responsibilities may become a member.

Pioneer Valley Live Steamers
P.O. Box 105
Southwick, MA 01077

You can print and complete the Membership Application and mail it with your check to:

Membership Classes

Membership Fees (Revised 2021)
Regular $175
Associate $30

*Family membership (with dependent children) fees: $175.00 First regular member – $ 50.00 second regular member – $15.00 for one or more dependent children. Associate membership $30.00, additional spouse/partner or child $15.00, Children under 12 FREE.

Regular Membership

  • Eligibility: Any person who owns and operates, or is building, a locomotive, or who is seriously interested in the maintenance of the club’s facilities

  • Benefits: All the benefits as established from time to time by the Board of Directors, including specifically: 1) access to the grounds at any time, 2) the right to operate equipment on the club track, and 3) participation in its governance

  • Procedure: Because of their participation in governance, regular membership is by application. Upon receipt by the Secretary of a membership information form and prepayment of dues, applications will be acted upon at the next regular meeting of the members and will be effective following approval by the Board of Directors and a two-thirds affirmative vote by members present at the regular meeting. For applications received after September 1, the dues will be applied through the next calendar year. A rejected application may resubmit an application after one year.


Associate Membership

  • Eligibility: Persons who are interested in supporting the club and in participating in its activities other than governance.

  • Benefits: Have all the benefits as established by the Board of Directors except those specifically reserved herein for regular memberships. For training purposes, an associate member may operate under the guidance of a full member, except during public meets.

  • Procedure: Upon receipt by the Secretary of the completed membership information form and the prepayment of dues, Associate Members are accepted automatically.

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